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Frankly speaking, we, the financial illiterates, know nothing about fiscal auditing (though we have some exposure to non-neo-classical economics!) and little knowledge about the philosophy of the law (but not about the “law” per se). Due to our severe ignorance in these disciplinary technologies, we are victim of several financial abuses. We are writing this document by compiling news, stories from different sources, only for venting out our anger, grievances and severe anxiety disorder. Therefore, as ignorance is not an excuse, we have tried to read the governmental provisions for escaping such humiliating abuses. We are vexed and confused after knowing the paradoxical facts that though there are so many protective measurements for us in the Legislature, Executive and Judiciary in the Republic of India, there is no immediate remedy for our pains and sufferings! Though there are dissenters or whistleblowers within this structured disciplinary system (cf. Section –II), nothing has work properly with immediate effects. After enlisting all the statutory bodies for preventing abuses of the three pillars of democracy (with the help of the fourth pillar: Media) at the Section-I, we are feeling sick—our enthusiasms for fighting for our own money, have gone.

aprilie 28, 2021


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