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Appreciating the Modi Sarkar’s achievements: 7 letters to the President of India et al.

  1. There are so many holes within the Crony Ruling Party. They are mockingly pointed out here.
  2. Avoiding the real miseries of the people, the Indian Ruling Party is busy with the ostentatious displays of redundant statues and temples for distracting people from the real problem.
  3. The huge earning & wealth of the present Indian Ruling Party is disproportionate with the macro and micro economic conditions of India.
  4. Without being bothered about the path of ahimsa & disarmament, they are buying huge arms and ammunition from the phoren countries (cut money is obvious part of the procedure) by taking loans. They are doing it to save the imagined boundaries of the Nation State.
  5. The ruling party is also allegedly involved in the terror funding through the collusion of Dwood-MIrchi-RKW-DHFL.
aprilie 25, 2021


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